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Girls Just Wanna Stay In

Some tips for your own Girls Night In

By: Joanne Howell  Photos By: Rachel Benavides

In today’s world, staying in takes on a whole new meaning. While some may find it easy to stay home during these times, others might find themselves with a persistent urge to get out and socialize. However, with the safest options for socializing being Zoom parties and super small gatherings, a girls night in is the perfect way to still let that social butterfly spread its wings. 

A night of games, snacks, and of course drinks all within the comfort of your own living room sounds pretty ideal. I suggest enforcing a no-phone policy for the night to encourage everyone to be present and enjoy the evening together. 
Just because the location of your evening’s fun happens to be your living room, doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up the place and make it a special occasion. Stack up your favorite board games, pile pillows on the floor, and light some candles to set the vibe. You can set the scene for yourself while hosting a virtual game night or for your family for a fun night in!
Hosting Essentials

Professional grazing boards make for a great statement piece on your coffee table and can 
appeal to all taste buds with their variety. Have individual plates, serving utensils, and cutlery handy to avoid using your hands when taking from the board. Pair your board with a natural wine for a very on-trend evening. 

Décor elements can still be incorporated no matter how small the gathering. Small details like coffee table books, candles, and floor pillows will all add to the overall aesthetic of the evening.

Have a variety of games handy to choose from! Allow you and your guests to pick the game of the evening together. From board games to card games, you want to make sure everyone knows the rules and is ready to play!
Get The Look

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