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Game. Set. Match.

Chic, vintage looks inspired by a Weekend at Wimbledon.

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photos by: Brynn Osborn  Styled by: Kimberly Rios

In this month’s style section we collaborated with Kimberly Rios of METROPOLIS Culture to bring you a handful of chic vintage looks inspired by a Weekend at Wimbledon. From the effortlessly posh street fashions, to the wardrobe of players themselves, we dove into a cloud of clean whites and versatile textures and came up with a breath of fresh air.

Stylist’s Statement: When The Bend Magazine asks if you would like to style a shoot for the next issue, you immediately say YES! Only later does it sink in that the “white” theme is totally out of your comfort zone. My personal collection of vintage clothing is filled with bold prints, patterns, and colors. Working with neutrals allowed me the opportunity to play with texture, layers, and natural materials. It was definitely a challenge, but I am so pleased with the end result.

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Mezcal & Leather,
Renaissance Antiques, 2nd Floor