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Fully Coated

Winter in the Coastal Bend is in full swing

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photos by: Aaron Garcia

Whether you’re dragging your heels back from the beach or ecstatic about reuniting with your forgotten sweater drawer, the winter is upon us. Top of the agenda? Coats.  As the temperatures steadily drop, we’re reminded of the delightful opportunity of bundling up in thick cozy outerwear. From classic trenches and peacoats to fashionable houndstooth ponchos, locals are flocking to boutiques to snag their first winter coat of the season. And let us not forget the perfect addition to any outerwear: a statement shoe, sweaters, or jewelry.

Items: Vintage Black Beaver Fur, Vintage Black Trench Coat Threads. Black, Gold, and Brown Patterned Shawl Pilar Lifestyles. Gray and Black Two-Toned Sweater Shop L&RK. Plaid and Gingham Reversible Sweater Shawl Pilar Lifestyles. Cream Colored Fringe Sweater Shop L&RK. Vintage Plaid Blazer Coat Threads. Camel Colored Suede Jacket Pilar Lifestyles. Copper Faux Fur Vest Threads Boutique. Camel Faux Leather Coat Threads. Black Starkela Pom Pom Flats Shop L&RK. Decorative Eye Earrings Shop L&RK. Virgin Saints & Angels Necklace Pilar Lifestyles.