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Frosé All Day

BUS’ Frosé is more than just an Instagram-worthy drink.

By: Jinky Romero  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Going out and hitting downtown in 2018 is definitely an all-new and different experience from a year ago. The recent resurgence of Downtown Corpus Christi has proven to be a success with exciting new spots popping up one by one.

The most recent newcomer to open its doors is Bar Under the Sun (BUS), located at the old Greyhound Station on North Chaparral St.
If you’ve been on Instagram lately, then you’ve definitely heard about BUS and, more specifically, their flagship drink: the Frozen Rosé. More popularly known as the Frosé, this hip drink is making big waves, not only on social media but also all over the Coastal Bend. While the drink may seem pretty straightforward with its name, BUS’ version has a lot more behind it.
According to manager Zach Dauth, the drink, already familiar in Austin and San Antonio, was included on BUS’ menu to bring a big city vibe to Downtown Corpus. By adding their magic touch to the Frosé, BUS was able to make the drink their own.
It was no easy task, though. Dauth shares that they went through 10-15 recipes using different mixtures and types of Rosé. The rosé that ultimately won out was the vibrantly dark hued Rosé de Malbec, a deeper flavor hinting at wild strawberries and cherries. By adding homemade simple syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice for tartness, a little bit of water and sugar to ensure perfect freezing consistency, and a strawberry garnish, BUS created the perfect Frosé. Recently, BUS began offering customers the choice to top off the drink with some sake. One word: mouthwatering.
The unique and dynamic flavor of BUS’ signature cocktail will have you ordering a second glass before you’ve finished the first.