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Frank E. Franklin III Shares His Daily Media Diet

Frank E. Franklin III, also known as "Big Frank" shares his daily media intake and go-to sources of quality content.

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“Big Frank,” as he is known around South Texas, is proud to say he’s lived his whole life south of the Frio River. Franklin is vice president of programming for iHeartMedia-Corpus Christi and has been talking on the radio in Corpus Christi for over 25 years. He tells The Bend Business his go-to sources for good content.

Where do you get your news first?

In the mornings I check our newswire service to get a quick synopsis of the day. Then I read over the KRIS-TV and KIII-TV websites for local news. I also have an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal so I can skim over their stories. Breaking news comes in via push alerts on my phone. And on Wednesdays I get The News Of San Patricio newspaper so I can see what’s happening here in my neck of the woods.

What social media accounts should we be following?

I am @BigFrankRadio on social media. K-99 is on Instagram (@K99CorpusChristi) and Facebook (K99Country). If you like BBQ, Daniel Vaughn is the Barbecue Editor of Texas Monthly (@BBQsnob, @tmbbq). Also, how does one get that job?

What app do you open first thing in the morning?

Twitter and Facebook to see what’s trending, then I check AccuWeather. 

What books are making you think?

Currently I’m reading Jimmy Johnson’s book, Swagger. Dang, he was tough. This year, I started the daily devotional My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers, which is really good, and I highly encourage folks to include with their Bible reading. My cousin recently recommended a book, and I downloaded it, called Ego Free Leadership: Ending the Unconscious Habits that Hijack Your Business, and I look forward to diving into it next.

What podcasts do we need to be listening to?

I enjoy The Art Of Manliness. The host, Brett McKay, has a unique interview style and covers a wide array of topics. Also, a friend recently told me about Charles Beaty, known as the “Prince of Poachers.” His website has links to various podcasts he has appeared on. I’ve downloaded episodes of the Hunters Advantage Podcast to check listen to, because his stories are apparently pretty good.

What music should we add to our playlist right now?

Anything from George Strait! Ronnie Dunn’s album 100 Proof Neon is my personal favorite of 2022. One newer act to check out is a duo called Neon Union. Their first song just got released, called “Bout Damn Time.”

What newsletter always gets clicked open?

The 1440 Daily Digest ( is a great source of information, linking to the day’s top trending stories. The Morning Brew ( is another one and its focus is finance and tech. Also, the K-99 iHeart Country Daily ( for country music, and on Fridays, The Bend Magazine email.

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