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Foodie Finds: Bread, Cheese, & More Cheese

Learn more about the Southside coffee bar that’s serving up much more than drinks and sweets.

By: Alexis Mays

Eclectix Coffee Bar and Bakery has been open for a few months, but this Southside superstar is just getting started. It comes as no surprise that this unique spot has some particularly unique foodie finds on their brand-new menu that launched this month.

Cheese, which has culinary popularity akin to a rock star, is front-and-center in several debut dishes at Eclectix.

Foodies will delight in the plate of homemade bread and dipping sauce. It has a pile of sliced French baguettes and crackers topped with sesame and poppy seeds, which are both baked in-house and daily. Most importantly, it’s served alongside a bowl of Gouda cheese dipping sauce. It’s a dish that pairs well with wine – and thankfully they offer plenty of that, too. Eclectix carried a large wine list that includes Prosecco on tap and organic house wines.

But perhaps you’re interested in even more cheese? Try the cheese plate, a platter brimming with an array that range in flavor from sweet to salty, and from soft to dry.

If you’re looking to add a little meat to your cheese and bread, try their cordon bleu. This twist on the finer dining dish serves up bite-sized squares of chicken, ham, and swiss cheese.

Although it’s hard to think past delicious and savory cheese, notable mentions must be given for the boudin sausage and shrimp. These little skewers are bursting with big Cajun flavors.

If the foods taste as good as grandma’s cooking, it’s because family recipes are used.

“A lot of recipes that we use are heirloom recipes that have been in my family for two or three generations,” explainers Eclectix owner Susan Garcia. “But we’re also mixing it up with what’s new.”

The menu is the brainchild of Garcia, who spends countless hours reading and researching to stay on top of cuisine trends. Together with her staff and chefs, they bring classics to life as well as create incredible new concoctions.

Eclectix may be the first-of-its-kind in our area, but its inspiration comes from places where this type of shop is very common.

“My husband and I traveled a lot, around the world. We saw so many places that sold coffee and wine. I love being able to give customers that in one place.”

Eclectix is certainly giving customers the best of all worlds, where you can order true Italian Espressos along with mouth-watering eats and treats.