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Five Best Nightcaps in the Coastal Bend

From an old-fashioned to an affogato, here are the five best nightcaps to end the night.

5 Best Nightcaps featuring the matcha affogato from Lucy's Snackbar

Matcha affogato from Lucy's Snackbar | photography by Rachel Bendavides

Nightcaps originally referred to caps worn to sleep, yes, but in the current zeitgeist, it’s commonly known as a beverage to cap off the night– a conclusion to the day’s food and drink journey. From the warmth of an old-fashioned to the dichotomy of hot and cold in an affogato, the options are endless, but here are the five best nightcaps sure to please any palate.

Matcha Affogato

Lucy’s Snackbar

Combine dessert and beverage into one with the matcha affogato at Lucy’s Snackbar. Though an affogato typically combines espresso and ice cream, this variety subs highly concentrated caffeine for matcha that’s mellow, aromatic and combined with the vanilla ice cream, providing just the right amount of sweetness. 312 N Chaparral Ste A 

Honey Bourbon Old Fashioned

Roosevelt’s 1886 Bar

Perhaps the most quintessential nightcap, the Honey Bourbon Old-Fashioned from Roosevelt’s adds flair in the form of orange, maraschino, honey and bitters. The muddled mixture is topped with Kentucky Bulleit Bourbon for a warm, classic and familiar addition perfect for enjoying alongside a crème brûlée dessert. 224 E. Cotter Ave, Port Aransas

Children of the Corn 

Nueces Whiskey Library 

If you need an inventive cocktail to enjoy with chocolate mousse at Nueces Whiskey Library, look no further than Children of the Corn. Barrell Bourbon, Velvet Falernum, corn honey syrup, lime juice and NWL bitters combine for a playful, zingy take on an old-fashioned. 3827 S Alameda St 

Skrewy Business

The Barrel Wine and Tapas Bar

After your fine-dining experience at Black Sheep Bistro, pop on over to The Barrel and order a Skrewy Business. Skrewball Whiskey combines Kahlua, cream and Luxardo maraschino for a strong cocktail with dessert essence perfect for ending the evening. 15201 South Padre Island Drive Ste 110

Yola Noche 

Yola Cocina Mexicana

Yola Noche at Yola Cocina Mexicana combines subtle spice from ancho reyes and Mexican spiced cold brew with cane sugar and Madre Mezcal. The result is a subtle nod to the espresso martini with a smoky, spicy and sweet kick. 3818 S Alameda St