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Fast-Casual Sushi Fix

Our newest neighbor in the Water Street Market is serving up quick fresh fish

By: Rianna Turner  Photos: Rachel Benavides

There are a plethora of reasons why The Bend loves being located in the Water Street Market. It’s a recognizable hub of activity in the middle of downtown Corpus Christi, in close proximity to friends at the Caller-Times, decision-makers at the Downtown Management District, the bright waters of the bay front, and local establishments old and new. Recently, the people behind Corpus Christi’s well-established Water Street Oyster Bar opened a new restaurant right next door to our offices: The Water Street Sushi Room.

The Sushi Room is a fast-casual sushi counter that offers sushi rolls and poke bowls, among other related goods, like sashimi and cold beer. The laid-back, coastal atmosphere provides a breath of fresh air — or, a bite of fresh fish — as a break in the middle of the work day.

“There are two reasons why we established the Sushi Room,” Richard Lomax, the Director of Operations at Water Street Restaurants, said. “We had the talent and commitment to quality, and a lot of the options in the area are heavy. People are increasingly more health-conscious, and we weren’t servicing guests who wanted a lighter, quick meal.”

Poke is a current, trendy option for a healthy meal, and the Sushi Room truly delivers, offering five different poke bowls that can be served on either rice or kale. For those who are vegetarian, the Happy Hippie bowl is fish-free, with various veggies, avocado, and walnuts topped with a sesame ginger vinaigrette. A favorite in The Bend’s office is the Tuna Caliente bowl — basically a poke version of a spicy tuna roll, with ginger, jalapeño, and avocado.

Newcomers to the Sushi Room might be confused at the lack of downstairs seating and counter service, but that’s precisely part of the point. The Sushi Room is intended to emphasize a quick, healthy eating experience. Many local sushi restaurants fulfill the need for a sit-down dinner. The Sushi Room’s fast service is conducive to a healthy lunch to-go, or a quick stop for dinner at one of their upstairs tables before roaming downtown. Maybe next time you stop by for a bowl, you’ll run into a member of The Bend’s team on their lunch break.