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Farming but Make It Fashion

Don't hesitate to take it there.

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photos by: Aaron Garcia

From Tyra’s lips to the world’s ears, “but make it fashion.” This iconic phrase is one to live by. Regardless of job, location, industry, or climate, you owe it to yourself to skip the mundane clothing choices and get creative. Swap out those tired jeans for a lightweight linen jumper. Pass on the hair tie and clips and opt for a funky scrunchie or vintage hat. Take the opportunity to re-evaluate your wardrobe choices and challenge yourself to take it to the next level. Do something — anything — “but make it fashion.”


Dark Green bush hat ($15), Denim scrunchie ($6) , Off-White Linen Jumper ($18), Leather skirt ($25) & Matching Jacket ($42), Green 3/4 zip dress ($24), Sage green vest ($30), Ralph Lauren silk scarf ($15), blue cotton overalls ($36) 

Chels Marie Boutique

Assorted Holly Zaves Bracelets ($35-$49), Brown crossbody bag ($49) 


Market Boutique