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Expose your Vanity

How to create the picture-perfect countertop.

By: JoAnne Howell   Photos by: Rachel Benavides

When it comes to beauty products, we say more is always more. But if you’re overloaded with

eye-shadow palettes, nail-polish bottles, and everything in between, knowing how to show it all will not only make your vanity look picture-perfect, it’ll make getting ready much more enjoyable.

Keep your counter space clear of clutter. Store your endless compacts and nail polishes in the drawers or pretty boxes on shelves. Only the designer details make the cut for the counter top showing off your passion for shiny things. Display your products with your favorite packaging on a tray and store the others away. This allows for a chic look that is all the rage. Exposing your vanity, as opposed to hiding all your products away, is the trendiest way to show off your morning routine.

I keep my most used products within reach for daily access. Everything else is kept tucked away in drawers and baskets out of sight. This goes for hand cream, facial products, everyday makeup items, and perfume. Add a clear container of sorts to store smaller products like mascara. This way, you can make the most of your space.

Flowers freshen up any space, as per usual. But, adding them to your vanity adds an extra special touch. Adding a candle with a crisp scent will also bring a touch of freshness to your countertops.

So, don’t hide those products away. Organized chaos can be a great (and aesthetically pleasing) thing!