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Escape to the Lounge

When creating a space in your home dedicated to the post-work unwind, there are simple key elements that must be present

Words and Photos by: Jarred Schuetze

When designating a space in your home as the lounge, a few must have attributes come to mind. These are books, booze, and superb seating. Having books in the lounge is a no brainer. They provide reading material and add immemse aesthetic value to any room. The booze should come as no shock, I mean, who’s ever wanted to hang in a lounge without a cocktail in their hand? It’s smart to keep a stocked bar of personal go-to bottles. Using decanters to display liquors brings a sophisti- cated atmosphere, while providing a convie- nient way for the quick pour. For those that don’t indulge in the casual cocktail, swapping alcohol with sparkling or tonic water is encouraged. Once you’ve picked your posion and paired it with a nice book, all thats left is a place to sit and unwind. A superb sitting area can be achieved through texture and color. A tufted couch is a timeless example of lounge seating. Other options such as leather recliners or velvet couches do wonders for creating the perfect space right in your own home.