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Education With a Big Purpose

Annapolis Christian Academy: Classical Christian Education

By: Annapolis Christian Academy 

Classical Christian Education. Maybe you’ve heard of it,brmaybe you haven’t. Chances are, even if you have heard of classical Christianbreducation, you don’t really understand what it means or why it is important.brSimply put, classical Christian education is using proven, time-tested methodsbrof teaching which incorporates structured learning in accordance with thebrGod-given stages of child development. This approach enables students to gainbrknowledge, understanding, and wisdom at an age when subjects are most easilybrmastered. Curriculum is taught in a three-part educational process termed “ThebrTrivium.” The three phases are Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Each phase isbrdependent upon and builds upon the others.


All subjects at Annapolis Christian Academy are taught asbrpart of an integrated whole, with God’s word at the center. These time-testedbrmethods together with teaching a Biblical world view are the cornerstones of abrclassical Christian education. Our commitment to excellence is demonstratedbreach day in the lives of our teachers, staff, and administrators. The result isbrstudents who are able to reason persuasively, think critically, and articulatebrwell. Our graduates go on to the top universities in the country. Upon graduation,brthey are equipped academically, socially, and spiritually for their future.


At Annapolis Christian Academy (ACA) our goal is to glorifybrGod by partnering with families in the Coastal Bend to provide an educationbrcommitted to the classical and Christian ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty.brWe aim to cultivate a culture of wisdom and virtue, focusing on the integrationbrof faith and learning with all of life! We welcome tours and inquiries at anybrtime. If Classical Christian education is something you would like to explore,brplease call us and schedule a visit. Our desire is to serve you and yourbrchildren and we look forward to meeting you!