Destroy A Drum Puts Heart and Soul into Band Apparel

Destroy A Drum Puts Heart and Soul Into Band Apparel

Local apparel brand from Corpus Christi aims to serve musicians.

drumline wearing custom apparel from Destroy A Drum

Photos provided by Destroy A Drum

Born out of a passion for music, a period of personal turmoil and a disdain for poorly designed high school band shirts, Destroy A Drum is an apparel brand from Corpus Christi looking to serve musicians.

“Destroy A Drum began with many sleepless nights staring at the ceiling. One night, I decided to take some drums down to Ocean Drive at 5 a.m. and perform by the bay,” said founder Arturo Saucedo III. After the loss of his grandfather, the experience of performing on Ocean Drive during the early morning hours became a unique therapy, allowing for the release of pent-up emotions. The decision to translate these feelings into tangible designs led to the establishment of Saucedo’s business.

Drawing inspiration from his experiences in marching band and immersing himself in the local music scene, he recognized the potential to fill a void in the market by crafting garments that embodied performer’s passion, heart and soul. Destroy A Drum aimed to be more than just a clothing brand; it aspired to be a vessel for self-expression on and off the stage.

Destroy A Drum Personalized band tshirt

The brand now services local schools, marching bands, drum corps, front ensembles and retail stores with custom apparel tailored to their needs. Destroy A Drum has worked with marching bands to create designs that integrate its trademarked logo with the schools’ logos and colors, in addition to creating custom screen printed and embroidered tees, hoodies, polos, shorts, jackets, caps and baseball jerseys — just to name a few. The website also offers branded tees, drumsticks and B.O.O.T.S pads for sale.

Through organic growth and scaling with grassroots efforts, the apparel brand attracts and provides clothing for several artists who play for Lamb of God, Kali Uchis, Silverstein and Bad Bunny. The passion displayed by these drummers paired with the ethos of Destroy A Drum creates a natural connection to the music community and opens doors to new opportunities.

The roots of Destroy A Drum remain firmly planted in Corpus Christi despite Saucedo’s relocation to Austin. By shooting promotional photos and videos with locals near the ocean and actively incorporating the spirit and culture of Corpus Christi in its designs, the brand’s connection to its hometown endures.

Destroy A Drum marches to its own rhythm, leaving an indelible mark on the world of drumming apparel, thus reminding us of the power of passion, authenticity and the endless possibilities that emerge when we dare to defy conventions.

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