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Drink Like a Local: What Mixologists Drink at Home

Recreate these tasty cocktails at home with the help of top local mixologists.

Photo by Rachel Benavides

For our May cover feature, we asked local mixologists, after a long shift behind the bar, what their go-to post-work beverage is, how they make it, and a pro tip for recreating it yourself at home. Try one of these recipes out yourself and let us know how you did!

Vanessa Sherry, Dokyo Dauntaun

Negroni w/ a Twist

Ingredients: 1.5 oz Roku Gin, 1 oz Blackberry Infused Cocchi Americano, 1 oz Campari, 3 dashes Orange Bitters

“This is a well-balanced cocktail that is simple to make. It starts off with notes of juniper from the Roku Japanese gin and sweet blackberries, then develops into a zesty bitter finish.”

The Trick: Stirring this cocktail is vital in preventing it from becoming overly diluted. Make sure to fill it up 3/4 of the way with ice, stirring around the edges of the glass with a bar spoon until the rim looks frosted.

Audra Culver, Brewster Street Icehouse

Berry Mule

Ingredients: 2 oz Tito’s Vodka, 6 oz Goslings Ginger Beer, 1 Lime Juiced, 6 Blackberries, 2 Strawberries, 6 Blueberries, Fresh Mint

“When I’m not behind the bar, I like to relax at home with a refreshing Berry Mule! I am one for sweet drinks with a spicy kick. The berries and ginger beer make the perfect combo for sweet and spice and everything nice.”

The Trick: In a shaker, throw in berries and lime juice and using a muddler lightly smash the berries. Add ice and vodka; shake well. Strain into a glass filled with ice and top with ginger beer. This drink has endless possibilities, try substituting different fruits and herbs.

Andy Lopez, Republic of Texas

Gin Fizz w/ a Twist

Ingredients: 1/2 oz Hendricks Gin, 3/4 oz Pear Liquor, 3/4 oz Lemon Juice, 1/2 oz Honey, 1/2 oz Egg White, 1 Luxardo Cherry Garnish

“Similar to the Gin Fizz, this is the perfect cocktail for summertime, especially if you want to try something different and out of your comfort zone. It’s always refreshing and enjoyable. If you want to impress your guests at your next gathering, this is the drink to try.”

The Trick: It might sound odd to add egg whites at first, but they will give your cocktail a beautiful texture when mixed all together. Make sure you shake this one, as it will aid in producing a white, frothy layer at the top of the drink.

Juan Manuel, Bellino Ristorante Italiano

Last Word

Ingredients: 3/4 oz Gin, 3/4 oz Green Chartreuse, 3/4 oz Maraschino Liqueur, 3/4 oz Lime Juice

“Gin is always my go-to spirit and this drink is hard to top. It’s sweet, sour, bitter, tart, refreshing and aromatic. A solid gin martini that’s complex yet surprisingly balanced.”

The Trick: This cocktail is easy to make and calls for equal parts of each ingredient (3/4oz). For a milder, less bitter version, try using Strega or Génépy in place of the Green Chartreuse!

Jacob McClain, The Lookout at Bluff’s Landing


Ingredients: 1 oz Rye Whiskey, 1 oz Sweet Vermouth, 1 oz Campari, Orange Rind Garnish

“When I’m not sipping a good bourbon,
I make myself a Boulevardier. It’s essentially a whiskey Negroni. This drink is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed both day and night.”

The Trick: The rye and Campari tend to be a bit dry for my palate, in which case I use a wheated bourbon (Weller) and Gran Classico instead of Campari, with Carpano Antica sweet vermouth. Build the cocktail in the glass, stir it to dilute and garnish with an expressed orange rind. An expressed rind is an orange peel squeezed over the cocktail, which sprays the oils into your drink.

Mary Peppers, Latitude 28°02′

Classic Margarita

Ingredients: 1/2 oz Don Julio Blanco, 1/2 oz Grand Marnier, 2 oz Fresh Lime Juice, 1/2 oz Fresh Orange Juice, Splash Topo Chico

“Margaritas are a splash of sunshine and happiness. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on my deck, sipping the worries away with this refreshing delight.”

The Trick: Always shake ingredients well (not stir). If you like your margaritas on the sweeter side of things, you can add a little simple syrup.

Michael Green, The Post at Lamar Park

Old Fashioned

Ingredients: 2 oz Rye Whiskey, 2 bar spoons Simple Syrup, 2 dashes Angostura Bitters, Orange Rind Garnish

“I’m a whiskey fan, so I love an Old Fashioned. With only a few ingredients and no tools required, it’s an easy cocktail that can be built in the glass it’s served in. This recipe is a tried and true classic and open to the use of your favorite whiskey.”

The Trick: Make sure to stir vigorously and add one large cube of ice, so as not to water down the quality of the drink. You can also use the recipe as a template for variations. Tequila is an especially tasty and fun substitute for whiskey.

Casey Ortiz, BUS


Ingredients: 2 oz Waterloo Antique Gin, 1 oz St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur, 2 dashes Plum Bitters, Agave Nectar to taste

“This is a cocktail I created at the bar a few months back. It’s the perfect drink for when you’re feeling old fashioned-y but don’t want something so stiff.”

The Trick: Don’t skimp on the agave. Some people like to substitute simple syrup thinking it will have the same “sweet” flavor — and I will assure you it does not!