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Curb Appeal

No matter the space, a thoughtful and beautiful exterior always wins

By: JoAnne Howell   Photos by: Rachel Benavides

The exterior of a space is just as important as the interior. Even the most beautiful spot will suffer if the curb appeal isn’t there. Giving thought and attention to the outside of your home or office will offer an inviting feeling to all who enter before they ever even walk through the door. 


Combining natural design elements such as concrete, metal, and wood is a modern and trendy way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outdoor look with very little effort. The dark and rusted color of metal planters create an exciting contrast when paired with luscious greens. You can pull inspiration from your planters and use that same metal material to create privacy screens on your fence. The warm, orange tones of a rusted metal juxtapose nicely with a more subtle gray color from the use of cement. 


Clean lines make for an easy-on-the-eyes look that will stay in style for years to come. You can create your own linear design with the use of fences, doors, a variation of brick and cement, and wood paneling. Make a first impression and stop traffic with the outside first. Modern and clean lines are always a creative way to complement your space.


Set your guests’ expectations high with a show stopping exterior. An attractive view from the street will only impress those who enter even more.