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Curating Textiles and Decor Into One Space Effortlessly

The house of glam

By: Monica Benavidez  Photos by: Lillian Reitz

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” (or hued!) is a saying that shouldn’t just be reserved for bridal traditions.

Applying those principles can transform your home decorating from safe or predictable to that “effortlessly curated over time” look. One of the main pain points people seem to have about decorating a room is selecting the textiles. Rugs, drapery and pillow covers are opportunities to inject colors, patterns and textures into a room to make it come alive and reflect your home’s soul.  



Something New – When selecting fabric or textiles, try to find a way to repeat the color and/or the fabric elsewhere in the room. Using the same fabric on a pillow and drapery panels, or repeating the same color in a pillow and rug, helps anchor that selection to your space. 

Something Old – Head to Antique Row or a local thrift store to find a little addition for your space that adds a bit of je ne sais quoi and panache, and complements your textiles. This could be a piece of art, a furniture piece, lighting or a decorative objet to display. 

Something Borrowed – Having a curated home tends to mean mixing and matching styles. Borrow from different décor styles to create your own. Add in a bust for a nod to French chic, use vintage books for a farmhouse vibe or layer in some mid-century inspired lighting to bring it together. 

Something Hued – Don’t be afraid of color! Jewel tones are versatile and look luxe and rich in any room. Use them in low-commitment ways such as throw pillows, drapery, art or rugs that can easily be changed without needing to paint the room. Not a huge color lover? Then use metallics to add in some shades—you can’t go wrong with gorgeous, aged brass. 


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