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Creating A Vegas Themed Event in Corpus Christi

This CCTX event took inspiration from a classic deck of cards

By: Jo Anne Howell   Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Finding Inspiration for Your Next Event

By taking inspiration from a classic deck of cards, the majority of the event’s décor revolved around the colors red, black, and white. Bold, striped table linens and a dance floor appliquéd with the playing card suits are just a couple of examples of how this inspiration was incorporated. 

Entertaining Your Guests

Creating ways to entertain your guests is a crucial component to party planning. With a Vegas theme, interactive activities for guests to partake in throughout the evening were made easy! By bringing in a few casino favorites, guests could gather around for one big game night. 


Creating the Perfect Color Palette

Pulling a color palette from natural hues of the desert, floral arrangements bursting with oranges and reds helped set the scene. Oversized arrangements were placed on bars, atop tables, and around the dance floor for maximum impact. 


Execute Your Plan

Begone, boring work events! Take your employee appreciation or milestone celebration parties to the next level by setting a theme and executing it flawlessly. Having a theme in place gives your attending employees a small glimpse into what’s in store for them. A themed office party also ensures a lasting impact on all who attend.


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