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Contributions of Hispanic Culture to Concert Music

Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra shares the influences of Hispanic Culture to concert music

“We all have heard popular Hispanic songs….from “Cielito Lindo” to “La Bamba” or from a popular “tango” to a frantic “salsa” danced at a party to a mariachi band at a wedding, we are all exposed to Hispanic music whether we are aware of it or not. However, the influence of Hispanic culture in music goes way beyond the popular…it touches the lives of children and adults alike in our concert halls as well as our educational institutions, music schools, bands, orchestras, etc. …..all have a rich repertoire of Hispanic music that not only ‘fills’ a gap in their programming but has become an essential element in their curriculum and an important tool in the development of future musicians as well as attracting new audiences. The reason? Simply put, Hispanic music is fun! It is fun to listen to, it is fun to play, it easily understood, it has rhythm and cadence, it is always emotional and has a rich historical/cultural content. Consider the contributions of Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera, the writings of Coelho, Neruda or Fuentes, the architecture of Gaudi or Calatrava, he hypnotic dances of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico, their vast and exquisite cuisine…and so on!

If you want a taste of the rich cultural heritage of Hispanic music, the October 15 concert with the CCSO , presented by AEP Texas, is the place to go….join us …and enjoy these musical treasures….it will be a true ‘Fiesta”.