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Contemporary Services, Classic Service

A courier company with a focus on customer satisfaction

Published in TB Business Magazine by Jason Bond photos by Dustin Ashcraft

The courier industry dates back brhundreds of years, and is a crucial aspect brof the supply chain. The businesses and brorganizations of any industry depend bron reliable transport—and that is part brof the mission at Classic Hotshots & brCourier Services (CHCS).

Co-founders Larry Rucker Young brand Ricardo Galvan began the business brafter long careers in law enforcement. brRucker-Young served for over 34 bryears with the Corpus Christi Police brDepartment before retiring as a senior brdetective sergeant. Galvan, also a brveteran of the Corpus Christi Police brDepartment, retired with the rank of brsenior sergeant.

Rucker-Young and Galvan decided brto stay busy in their retirement. Between brthe two of them, they are OSHA, HIPPA brand TSA certified with over a decade brof experience in the delivery service brindustry. It led naturally to them bropening Classic Hotshots & Courier brServices in 2020—and they have been brbusy ever since.

 “Classic Hotshots Courier Service bris based on honesty, dependability and brhard work,” said Rucker-Young. “We’re brgrounded in good old-fashioned values.”

brBased in Corpus Christi, the CHCS brservice area encompasses the entire brCoastal Bend, the Valley, Harlingen, brMcAllen, Brownsville and San Antonio, bralong with contracts in the Houston and brHarris County area. It works with clients brof any size, from large corporations to brindividual needs.

The company specializes in lightweight and smaller britems. With its HIPPA certification, CHCS is licensed brto transport medical samples and biological deliveries, brincluding blood, pathogens and human organs—allowing brit to work with hospitals, surgical centers, medical labs brand pharmacies. It’s also TWA certified for shipping on an braircraft, and obtained a TWIC card for unescorted access to brthe Ports of the United States.

The delicate nature of these deliveries is just one of the brmany reasons CHCS is dedicated to investing in its team. brEach of its 10 employees is fully trained and dedicated to brtheir goal of on-time or early deliveries.

“Whether it is specialty equipment, repair parts, brelectronics, medical devices—or so much more, CHCS will brget your package from point A to point B with professional brcare, and get it there on time,” said Rucker-Young.

Classic Hotshots Courier Service uses a full fleet of brcars, trucks, open and closed trailers, utilizing the latest brtechnology and video surveillance to help monitor for safety brand reliability. In addition to celebrating its first anniversary, the company reached another big milestone in 2021 by bracquiring a warehouse in Corpus Christi, which allows for brovernight or short-term storage.

“The generator in the warehouse means that even if the brpower fails, we won’t!” Rucker-Young

In addition to good service, choosing to work with brCHCS means promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in brour community. Classic Hotshots & Courier Services is a brTexas H.U.B. (Historically Underutilized Business) Vendor brCertified Corporation, which is bestowed to businesses brthat take an active role in remedying disparity in state brprocurement and contracting to promote fair and equal brbusiness opportunities in

“We focus on serving with honesty, respect and hard brwork,” said Rucker-Young. “We have dedicated our lives to brpublic service, and love providing an important service to brour community.”