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Colored Glassware

A simple touch of flair to brighten up your dinner party.

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photo by: Aaron Garcia

When adding a touch of flair to dinner parties, color is your best friend. Glassware, in particular, is one tablescape detail that often goes overlooked, but can completely transform the presentation of any sit-down gathering. Introducing colored glassware to the table is a smart, cheap, and oh-so-effective way to elevate the party. When shopping keep three things in mind: hue, transparency, and texture. The hue should be chosen to complement and stand out. Transparency allows for dancing light to pass through and create dynamic artistry across the table. Texture provides grip and complements simple design. Take these tips and run with it. 

Orange Highball Glass – Shell & Pine
Rose Goblet – Renaissance Antiques
Gold Tea Cup & Saucer – Renaissance Antiques
Blue Rocks Glass – Red Crow Antique Mall