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Cold-Pressed Conquest

Organic juice bar, Sacred Juice, road to longevity

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

When power couple Mike Hutchins and Frances Lopez chose the fresh-squeezed route in their new juicing business, the rest just came naturally. The devout vegan and organic lifestyle the two practice not only keeps them amped up and energized, but also inspires them to invite the Coastal Bend community into their juicing journey for whatever health goals seem the tastiest. The knowledgeable Hutchins and Lopez are eager to help newcomers in their health journeys to find what works for them.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job,” Hutchins emphasizes, enthusiastic about creating an easier road to health for the community. “All areas of your life will improve if you work harder on yourself first.”

Since September of last year, the Sacred Juice Bar has been open every day for the city’s juice needs. From daily juices to custom cleanse packages, the Sacred team works to keep their drinks fresh and cold, using state-of-the-art temperature regulators and efficient timing for their organic produce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple also brought cleanse packages to traveling nurses after their normal business hours to help keep them going strong.

The ingredients of each juice and their respective benefits line the wall of the juice bar, detailing how different minerals and essential nutrients uplift your body in various ways. With emphasis on your body’s energy, metabolism, and immune support, the organic juices at Sacred Juice Bar aren’t just curated for taste.

 However, a lot of trial and error does go into the taste factor, which means a lot of recipe testing to create the ideal bottle. “We do taste test every batch to make sure it’s what it should be,” says Lopez. This is why the Black Dahlia can taste delicious while also delivering a charcoal cleanse to your body, or how the Morning Glory can give you a luscious vitamin C boost to get your day going. 

Sacred Juice Bar has also created a line of Mylks, ranging from cashew-based to almond-based, and giving us the Tree of Life: a complex and delicious beverage so chock-full of ingredients that it can be labeled as a meal replacement. 

“This is to be used by the citizens of this community; I want them to utilize this for themselves,” Hutchins says. “Living healthy is not complicated. The peasant’s food is the king’s diet.”

Hutchins and Lopez have plans to grow and open more locations for their organic juice bar in the city to bring the cold-pressed lifestyle to all areas,  giving everyone easy accessibility to get closer to their health goals. 

4200 S. Alameda St  •  @sacredjuicebar  •  @sacredjuicebar