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Coastal Bend Employment can help fill staffing vacancies quickly and at a low cost to the employer.

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Turnover Is Inevitable

All employers must contend with turnover. It is inevitable and can have an impact on a company’s busiest seasons. Working year-round with Coastal Bend Employment can keep the most important jobs filled or quickly staff a vacant position. If you know you need to staff up for the summer season, Coastal Bend Employment can help you find those seasonal workers.

Best Value, Locally & Statewide

Human Resources and company owners have a lot on their plates, having to find and sort through individuals can be draining and take away from important tasks. This is why 71% of companies use recruitment agencies as an additional resource for their hiring needs, according to Blue Lynx Employment LV. 

When you use Coastal Bend Employment, you have complete confidentiality in hiring, this makes it easier to obtain the best staff in areas where you are surrounded by competitors. Coastal Bend Employment is not restricted to a specialty or a company size, so anyone who needs staff is encouraged to call.

Best of all, only pay when you onboard your favorite candidate! The fee itself is far less than the total cost of using a competitor. According to Upwork, when you hire an individual, agencies charge a minimum of 20-30% of the first-year salary that the individual is projected to receive as the placement fee. I.e., if you hire a project manager whose salary is $100,000.00 a year, the minimum fee you will pay on top of payroll is $20,000 – $30,000. Coastal Bend Employment charges a flat rate that is far less. Upwork also states that fees for temporary services range from 20-75% of the annual salary or hourly pay rate on top of what you will pay to retain that individual. Coastal Bend Employment can offer discounted flat rates for any temporary services you might need. It’s simple logistics, the bigger the company, the more overhead there is, and the bigger the cost to you.

a photo of Janie Gifford, owner and operator of Coastal Bend Employment
Janie Gifford, owner/operator of Coastal Bend Employment

Customer Service

When you contact Coastal Bend Employment, you will receive instant service. Sometimes we can find the individuals you need that first day. No time will be spent negotiating rates with a recruiter, waiting on approval from their managers. Always be in contact with the same person, no waiting to be transferred or repeating your needs to someone new when your recruiter is out.  Friendly, consistent, professional service is what you will experience with Coastal Bend Employment.

Local Small Business Understands You

Janie Gifford is the owner/operator of Coastal Bend Employment, a small business founded in Corpus Christi providing services throughout Texas. As a local, she is aware of the hiring and market trends employers are working through. As a business owner, she understands the difficulties of running a company on a budget and offers affordable rates. Give Coastal Bend Employment a call to see what they can do for your company!

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