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Classic Cake Pops at Cookie and Crumb

A Corpus Christi Favorite Releases New Sweet Treats

By: Tom Benoit  Photo courtesy of: Cookie and Crumb

What started off after accidentally making too much cake has turned into a new product. 

Corpus Christi bakery Cookie and Crumb (formerly known as Hamlin Bakery) is adding the cake pop to its menu, which will start making more appearances on their shelves soon. 

“They started one day because I made too much cake,” owner Katie Nicholson explained. “Amy, the cake and cookie decorator, made them to sell in the shop and people loved them!”

 Nicholson explained how cake isn’t just for big events, “I think it’s a fun way of enjoying cake, which is something usually reserved for a special occasion. The pops are a perfect amount of cake and frosting!” 

When it comes to the creation process of these delicious bites, Cookie and Crumb takes pieces of an already baked cake and then adds to it. “So first, we take bits of our cake and mix it with frosting. Usually we have a couple of flavors on deck, like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Then [we] shape them, put the straw in, and dip it with either a white chocolate or dark chocolate coating. Finally the sprinkles [are added], got to have the sprinkles!” 

Though the cake pops only have a few flavors, Nicholson said Cookie and Crumb is looking to roll out more flavors in thee future. “We are super excited to expand our flavors and offer them as an everyday item in the store. Especially seasonal flavors!” 

Cookie and Crumb’s cake pops are only offered occasionally, so be sure to grab them at 1220 Airline Road.