Chocolate Board Recipe for Galentine's Day Celebrations

Inspiration for a Galentine’s Day Chocolate Board

Celebrate your friends this Galentine’s Day with an array of chocolate goodies.

a Galentine's Day recipe for chocolate dipped sweet treats

Photo by Rachel Benavides

Looking for a good excuse to show the ladies in your life some love? Look no further than the global celebration, Galentine’s Day. Created as a rebellious counterstatement to the determined romantic focus of Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s emphasizes a casual vibe to revere your closest friends. What better way to celebrate than with a chocolate board filled with sweet and salty treats? 

Unlike many modern holidays — take Boss’ Day, Friendship Day and Grandparents’ Day, for example — Galentine’s Day was not created by a greeting card company to move merchandise. The concept came from popular comedy series “Parks and Recreation.” In an episode that aired in February 2010, the character Leslie Knope treated her female friends to waffles, an act that she puts as, “Ladies celebrating ladies.” 

Little did screenwriter Michael Schur know that his babes-who-brunch concept would start a platonic love movement that has taken on a life of its own. Now friends of all genders, ages and marital statuses across the globe are taking time out to say “I love you, Bestie.”

Galentine’s Day is most often observed on Feb. 13, but like many aspects of the holiday, anything goes! We’re inviting our comrades over for board games and booze with a chocolate board at the center of it all. 

It’s fully customizable to suit your people’s palates; dip fruit, cookies, bacon (?) and anything else you can imagine in your favorite high-quality chocolate. We went no-holds-barred and opted for dark, milk and white chocolate to complement our favorite treats. 

There’s no wrong way to demonstrate adoration for your friends. Shower them with gifts, take an overdue weekend trip or even send them a greeting card. However or whenever you celebrate Galentine’s Day, do it with love — and, perhaps, lots of chocolate. 

photo of a chocolate board for Galentine's Day celebrations
Photo by Rachel Benavides

Recipe: Chocolate Board

Serves 4-6 dessert portions

Prep time: 15-20 minutes


  • 3.5 oz white chocolate, chopped
  • 3.5 oz dark chocolate, chopped
  • 3.5 oz semisweet chocolate, chopped
  • Salty snacks: pretzels, popcorn, salted nuts, potato chips
  • Fruit: bananas, berries, watermelon, oranges, pineapples, dried fruit
  • Desserts: cheesecake bites, donuts, cake pieces, churros
  • Cookies: Oreos, shortbread cookies, pirouettes, gingersnaps, chocolate chip cookies or dough
  • Candies: marshmallows, gummy bears, caramels


In separate small bowls, melt each chocolate for 30-second intervals, stirring between each. Dip each snack, fruit, dessert, cookie or candy in desired chocolate. Have fun alternating between entirely coating the treat, inserting it only halfway or just drizzling with chocolate. The more variety, the more interesting the board.

Place dipped treats on parchment or wax paper until set/dry. Transfer to a large cutting board and arrange as desired.