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Camp Aranzazu Is Starting Off Their Annual Summer Camp For Children with Asthma

By: Michela May Photo Provided By: Camp Aranzazu

Today begins the first day of the 18thbrannual Camp Easy Breathers program that provides education to children with asthma.brNot only is it a way to help get kids out of the house this summer, but it alsobrteaches children with asthma that they can lead active lifestyles throughbractivities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, and even archery, all within abrsafe environment for them to understand their individual asthma conditions.


Asthma is a chronic disease in which the airways ofbrthe lungs become swollen from changes in the environment, causing them to becomebrclogged during an attack. Through this camp, kids can learn how to be active atbrhome or during school by being able to recognize and avoid asthma attacks, howbrto improve their risk management, and knowing when and how they should takebrmedications.


The directors at Camp Aranzazu and members of thebrDriscoll Children’s Hospital hope to provide these kids with the knowledge and abilitiesbrto become independent by taking on real challenges during this camp.


Camp Easy Breathers takes place at Camp Aranzazu,br5420 Loop 1781, in Rockport for children ages 7 – 14 on June 10 –

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