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Because There Is No Gym For Your Wrinkles

By: Corpus Christi Institute of Plastic Surgery 

What services can men have done? All of them! Aesthetic services, though typically utilized more by women, are (in fact!) beneficial for all skin. It is much more common these days to see men getting aesthetic services done. Men are seeing the value in taking pride in their physical appearance, and feeling happy and more confident in result of doing so.

 Laser hair removal can be performed to remove pesky shoulder hair, back hair, chest hair, and even shape men’s beards. As we all know, shaving is short term, leaves bumps, and can lead to painful ingrown hairs. Another alternative, waxing, can be straight up painful! Six laser hair removal sessions lead to permanent hair reduction. SO, put down the razor and the wax strips and be done with it!

 Skin care is key! Customized facials can be performed to help with any skin concerns, such as aging, dull, or tired skin! Texture? Scars? Wrinkles? Stretch marks? Brown spots? We offer an array of treatments such as nano-needling, micro-needling, or laser genesis that can directly help with those concerns.

 Some of the more popular surgical procedures for men range from gynecomastia surgery to improve the appearance of the chest by reducing the size and shape of the breast for a more masculine form. Liposuction to sculpt abs and tummy tucks to remove and tighten excess abdominal skin also are common procedures among men used to improve contours for a more slim and trim waistline. 

If more immediate results are desired for wrinkles, botulinum toxins and fillers are a great option. Men receiving botox (or more affectionately known as “brotox” for men) is quite common, increasing by 200% since 2000. Brotox, when done by an expert, can achieve natural and masculine results. Remember always – there is no gym for your wrinkles! 

Consulting with a qualified Plastic Surgeon and Skin Care Professional is the best way to express your skin and body concerns and receive a customized treatment plan. Helping you achieve a happy, more confident self!