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Boarri Craft Taking Lunch to the Next Level

Boarri Craft provides hot takes on the classic bratwurst sandwich, perfect for a quick lunch.

Photography by Rachel Benavides

Nathan Kolenovski has done it again. The owner and creative mind behind Boarri Craft Meats & Goods has expanded his beloved biz to include lunch … and we just can’t get enough.

Kolenovski made a name for himself by sourcing premier local meats. From Texas Wagyu to West Texas quail to Iberico pork, you can find the highest quality meats this side of the Red River. That’s right — everything in the showcase at Boarri was raised in the great state of Texas. Boarri Craft is offering the best contemporary meats with service you could only get from a butcher decades ago.

And now, every weekday you can enjoy superior sausage with one of Boarri Craft’s Wurst Boxes. The idea came from wanting to show patrons what they can do with fresh sausage — and the possibilities are endless. With eight wurst dogs on the menu (and counting), it’s hard to choose a favorite. Purists will likely go for The Mani: a weisswurst, which is sausage made from veal and pork, dressed with Polish mustard and authentic sauerkraut from JB’s German Restaurant and Bakery.

The heat seekers of the group might favor The Wild Bill, a jalapeno cheese bratwurst with sweet hot mustard and cilantro slaw, or The Pearce, a brat flavored with ginger and sriracha and finished with wasabi mustard and fiery kimchi. Islander alums may throw their shakas up at The Izzy, named after Texas A&M-Corpus Christi’s mascot. True to its name, this quarter-pound wagyu dog is loaded with grilled pineapple, roasted onion and red peppers, cilantro and sweet and spicy mustard.

Not a fan of brat-dogs? Try the Boar Cheez Steak, a customer-favorite steak sandwich that has quickly gained popularity among the lunch crowd. To create his adaptation of a Philly cheesesteak, Kolenovski sears thin slices of tender Denver steak with generous dollops of his House Serrano Cheez Blend and tops it off with grilled peppers and onions.

Here’s an insider tip: Order a Klobasy on a stick if you’re cutting carbs or gluten. The Big Klobasy is a Czech sausage seasoned using Kolenovski’s century-old family recipe and smoked in-house.

Boarri Craft Meats & Goods has once again raised the bar on quality food and service. Stop by for the best wurst you ever had, guaranteed.

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