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Boarri Craft Butchery Focuses on Educating Customers

New neighborhood meat market connects with area farmers to deliver responsibly sourced meat to customers in the Coastal Bend

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photos by: Tyler Schultz

From the beginning, Nathan Kolenovsky grew up harvesting meats with his family. Throughout his life, his ability to take farm-raised animals and fabricate them into different parts and pieces has resulted in both enjoyment and quality cuts of protein. After more than 20 years of a successful career, Kolenovsky shifted gears and opened a neighborhood meat market.


Boarri Craft Butchery brings a local culinary shopping experience to the central corridor of Corpus Christi by connecting with area farmers to deliver responsibly sourced meat and convey knowledge to customers in the Coastal Bend. From fresh smoked sausages to charcuterie-style dried meats, all of Boarri’s products are regionally and locally sourced. 


“We maintain everything that we buy or resell from the state of Texas. If we can get stuff from someone making it in Corpus Christi and [we’re] allowed to resell it, we certainly will,” said Kolenovsky. “We support those businesses in the food industry and want to provide them an outlet to resell their products at the shop.”

Boarri doesn’t stop at unique cuts; the shop also embraces community by bringing people together and sharing experiences for better eating and wholesome living. 


Kolenovsky said, “I think the coolest part about what we’ve been doing is [all of] the new people we’ve made friends with that share what they do with our product, in terms of turning it into wonderful meals for their family. That’s been an amazing part of the journey, and really what we set out to do when building this kind of neighborhood market. It’s more of an education that we are all learning together and having a conversation, which I love about it.”

Building meaningful relationships, from farmers to customers, is at the core of Boarri. It’s intended as a model that better connects people with the food they eat. 


“There’s a lot of great local businesses and local artists. Corpus has always had this,” Kolenovsky continued. “As we start to build some synergies among all of us in the city, I think that’s where we can set ourselves apart. There’s a lot of opportunities here in our ability to support one another—and our smaller business community, whether we’re in the same industry or not, to me, that’s truly important.”

While larger grocery chains offer value-priced cuts, Boarri inspires learning by sharing experiences with a broader audience around what others do with its unique cuts. Which can turn into a wonderful meal, be explored and prompt conversations with friends and family while providing something unique at the dinner table.   


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