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BKK Curries Favor with New Southside Location

BKK thai kitchen + bar is growing its reach in Corpus Christi, bringing a slice of Lamar Park to the growing portion of the Southside

Photography by Rachel Benavides

BKK thai kitchen + bar is growing its reach in Corpus Christi. The local staple for authentic Thai cuisine is a popular destination for those looking for a nice night out with a delicious menu — and Southside residents can now rejoice, as the acclaimed restaurant has a new location off Staples and Timbergate, bringing a slice of Lamar Park to the growing portion of town. 

Crediting the support and success of the original location, owner Ryan Rios said, “BKK has experienced consistent growth. And finding success through the pandemic along with staffing issues — the trial by fire that was — it was time to expand and bring a bit of Lamar Park to the Southside.”

The Panang Curry includes coconut milk, thai basil, bamboo shoot, carrot, kaffir lime leaf and bell pepper.

Opening its doors earlier this summer, the new restaurant’s style is consistent with its predecessor: a clean, white exterior with an outdoor patio (which is currently in the works). The interior is lined with thoughtful design elements meticulously curated and designed by Rios, himself. 

Elegant handmade terrazzo tiles adorn the restaurant floors, complementing the hand-painted wallpaper and creating a cohesive environment ready to soothe anyone who walks in. The space is divided evenly, providing a clear path of travel for staff and customers to mingle and make their way to the bar positioned centrally as the nucleus of the restaurant. BKK Southside is primed to be a go-to date night spot or evening out for a special occasion.

The locations also maintain consistency in food, serving the same menu. “The only difference [between the original and Southside locations] is knowing what we know now as opposed to seven years ago. Which includes spatial planning to make it more efficient for the team, which is then felt by the guests,” said Rios.

6702 S. Staples | 361.677.2478 | BKKSouthSide.com

Preserving continuity among the high-quality dishes should mean that the Southside location will be a popular destination, too. Everything is delicious, from the noodle dishes to stir fry plates and sushi selection, but curry is always a favorite. “Our curries are rich, creamy and flavorful,” Rios said. 

The delectable broth welcomes a variety of vegetables and choices of starring protein — fresh salmon or “crying tiger” sirloin steak, for example — so it’s open to guests making it their own. “We provide an opportunity for guests to experiment with the menu,” Rios said. The versatile menu with high-quality ingredients, a beautiful atmosphere and delicious drinks are all indicative of BKK’s upward trajectory.