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Bentley’s Flower Truck Shares Blooms of Joy

A 1958 Volkswagen bus and floral stems come together to create this local business

Photo by Rachel Benavides

“Flowers bring joy to people, and I’m happy to be a part of spreading that,” said Leslie Bentley of Bentley’s Flower Truck. Starting in 2021, residents of the Coastal Bend may have seen glimpses of a 1958 Volkswagen bus driving around town, selling flowers with a side of smiles. Bentley, along with her husband Matt, took the initiative in combining their passions for Volkswagens and flowers and worked toward her dream of starting a flower business.

“It’s all about the fun experience of each customer being able to approach the truck and hand-pick their own bouquet,” said Bentley.

This dream started several years back when she was tagged in an Instagram post for a similar business in Nashville, Tennessee. With prior experience in the floral department of her local H-E-B, Bentley transferred her inherent floral knowledge to this new endeavor and set out on the journey to opening Bentley’s Flower Truck. Her humble demeanor shows as she claims she is no florist, but with the opportunity to combine her penchant for flowers and well-built German cars, Bentley knew she had to be the first flower truck in the Coastal Bend.

Bentley and her husband share the experience of making the business and the truck itself come to life. After selling their beloved 1968 Volkswagen Bug, they found what’s now their truck through word of mouth in Arizona, and shortly after, it made the trek to the Coastal Bend. Upon arrival, Fenton Speed Shop helped with a fresh coat of paint. However, the truck needed more than just a paint job; the Bentleys got together and rebuilt the motor, and resolved any maintenance issues to restore the truck to its former glory. After six months of work, Bentley’s Flower Truck made its first appearance in October 2021.

Bentley shows immense gratitude for the support of the local community. She constantly attends local markets and popups on the weekends with the intent to bring joy to those who shop at her truck. “It makes me feel good to hear people are enjoying this new business and type of experience,” she said, “and I personally want to thank each and every one of my customers so far.”

She plans to keep expanding the business and hopes to have a monthly subscription service and daily deliveries. Striving to provide her service to private events is also on her professional itinerary, as Bentley’s Flower Truck is just getting its tires warmed up. So, if you are out and about, keep your head on a swivel. You may spot this floral chariot coasting around the Coastal Bend.