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Beautiful Brunches & Tasty Tapas

Muse Bistro serves delicious satisfaction

By: Luis Arjona  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Manifest, Utilize, Sacrifice, and Excel are the four pillars on which MUSE Bistro is built. The new dining option in town serves delicious brunch and excellent tapas to pair with unique cocktails from their bar. After spending a couple of years in Corpus Christi, longtime friends Monet Love and Michelle Joseph noticed that the downtown area lacked a proper brunch spot. Their joint venture couples a laid-back atmosphere with house music, elegant décor, and a great menu.

The physical location of the bistro is grounded in Corpus Christi, on Starr Street. However, the atmosphere created by Joseph and Love can transport its patrons, making them feel as if they are visiting a posh restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Speaking in terms of aesthetics and design, the branding and image of MUSE Bistro are intentional and well-curated. 

 Love, Joseph, and I discussed how the restaurant is doing since its official opening in December of 2020. Inspired by the culmination of heritages and culture in Houston, Love and Joseph curated the menu with Creole- and Hispanic-inspired dishes. From Huevos Rancheros to Dirty Rice Empanadas, the food looks incredible.

The bistro has been establishing itself as a great brunch spot thanks to its staples, including one for which Love has a particular affinity: “My favorite is the Chicken n Waffles any way I can get it!” Most notable is a local favorite, the Chicken N Waffle Kabob, consisting of mini-waffles stacked between succulent portions of lightly fried chicken tossed in Cajun seasoning, all held by the friction of a skewer and accompanied with honey butter syrup and whipped cream. Just thinking of the dish has me drooling as I finish this sentence.  

Joseph also says guests cannot get enough of another best-seller, the Papa Bravas. “People love the garlic aioli. I’ve even had people suggest to me that we should package the aioli and sell that separately. So we’re still thinking about that.”

MUSE Bistro is a brunch spot; however, after 5 p.m., the location converts to a tapas bar focusing on “a chill weekend vibe” for guests. The menu then boasts delicious tapas such as the Shrimp Ajo, a sauteed Cajun shrimp dish tossed with a Spanish garlic sauce, that’s a perfect treat after a long week.

The bar serves an array of cocktails. Current beverages attaining the spotlight are The Muse and The Bayside, both delicious fruit-based drinks with some kick. Other options include brunch favorites mimosas and bellinis, plus delicious nightcaps such as their signature old fashioned.

Although the new kid on the block, MUSE Bistro is slowly solidifying its identity in Downtown Corpus Christi. In addition to providing a casual and relaxing atmosphere, Love and Joseph want to serve quality. “That’s important to us. Whatever we push out and provide, we want to make sure it’s high quality,” Love says. So whether you want to have a delicious brunch with the family or an evening out with friends, MUSE Bistro is here to serve the Coastal Bend.