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Artfully Plated Dishes from Coastal Bend Restaurants

Explore the culinary artistry of the Coastal Bend with these visually stunning and delicious dishes from local restaurants.

photo of the sashimi 3-piece from Dokyo Dauntaun

Sashimi 3-Piece | Photo provided by Dokyo Dauntaun

Culinary artists are known for their attention to detail, creating visually appealing dishes and invoking all of our senses. The presentation of a dish can be just as important as its taste — after all, they say we eat with our eyes first. To help you discover some local culinary masterpieces, we’ve selected five dishes from around the Coastal Bend that are as beautiful as they are delicious. 

Sashimi 3 Piece

Dokyo Dauntaun 

When it comes to presentation, few do it as intentionally and beautifully as Dokyo Dauntaun. Just about every dish and cocktail on the menu is served with aesthetics in mind, but here we’re choosing to spotlight the Sashimi 3 Piece. Your choice of delectable fish is served on a bed of thinly sliced cucumbers and shredded daikon radishes, then garnished with a flower and a bamboo leaf. 424 N. Chaparral St. 

Chef’s Specials

Bien Mérité

Sure, the pastries are Instagram-worthy, but Bien Mérité’s fine dining dinner concept is certainly a sight for sore eyes. From the Lollypop Wings made with a maple, orange and chili sauce to the pan-roasted duck breast elegantly paired with an arugula and fennel salad, each dish crafted as a chef’s special on its dinner menu is not only packed with flavor but plated to perfection. 1336 S. Staples St. 

Salmon Carpaccio 


It should come as no surprise that the dishes served inside The Art Museum of South Texas have an artistic flair. From Elizabeth’s cold bar, the Salmon Carpaccio creates a casing with thinly sliced Scottish salmon to house microgreens, anchovies, capers and red onions. The plate is then drizzled with chive oil and lemon, bringing a painterly essence to the dish. 1902 N. Shoreline Blvd.

1855 Ribeye (16oz) 

Wild Prawn

Wild Prawn serves exquisite dishes with a focus on quality ingredients and the refinement of culinary art. From a menu filled with artistically expressive dishes, we’re spotlighting the 1855 Ribeye. Hand-cut to order, the pan-seared steak is garnished with microgreens and a delicate radish round, then topped with maple roasted garlic butter. 1941 Hwy. 35 N., Rockport

Pancetta Shrimp

Lisabella’s Bistro & Bar

From the small plates and starters portion of the menu, Lisabella’s pancetta shrimp is a culinary delight bursting with color. The plate is painted with a chipotle honey glaze before four hefty pieces of shrimp wrapped in pancetta are placed on top. A medley of mango pico de gallo and greens finishes the dish off on a refreshing and bright note. 5009 TX-361, Port Aransas