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An Ode to Pumpkin Spice Season

Pumpkin Spice Season is here and Coffee Waves is once again whipping up everyone's favorite fall beverage

By: Luis Arjona  PhotoTyler Shultz Creative

It’s September, or more so, “October Lite.” No shame in getting excited and putting up Halloween decorations, for fall is around the corner. Cold fronts bringing temperatures down to 90 degrees will allow us to wear our new Patagonia jacket and we can finally stop sweating through our jeans. However, all of these milestones for why fall is the superior season are not justified without one key beverage: PUMPKIN. SPICE. LATTES.

Yup, they’re back. Bigly. You can roast us for desiring the pinnacle of coffee beverages. Sorry, our pallet is refined, but no one can disagree that this drink is an 11 out of 10.

We know this hall of fame drink gets its hatred from alleged “coffee purists,” but to those wet blankets, we say “Live. Laugh. Love.” We’ve been looking forward to this since March and the only thing reminding us of the passage of time these days are bookmarked beginnings with our favorite seasonal beverages. 

However, I’d be remiss to say otherwise. For now, let us throw on some athleisure and head out the door in this 100 degree South Texas weather. We’ll scoot on over to local spot Coffee Waves and pick up this panacea under the guise of a “basic” drink, for it is the only thing keeping us sane. 

If you have yet to try one, I highly recommend doing so. If you are afraid of the naysayers, order a black coffee and say the pumpkin spice latte is for a friend. That’ll be the perfect beard.