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A Very Merry Tree

Expert tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree!

By: Jo Anne Howell   Photos By: Rachel Benavides

Deciding on a Christmas tree theme is a yearly treat. The direction I end up going in usually revolves around whatever color palette I’m into at that time. For Christmases past, I’ve often opted for multi-colored lights, but this year I broke my tradition.

My design eye has been zeroed in on neutral colors as of late, especially in florals. So, I wanted to incorporate that into my holiday décor this year. With a clean palette provided by a snow-flocked tree, additions of bleached ruscus and leather leaves bring the artificial tree to life. 
Continuing with the neutral color palette of gold and white, the ornament and accessory layering begins! Start with your largest pieces first to create focal points, and then work your way down the tree. Your smaller pieces will be used to fill in the gaps. Make sure to stand back every so often to check your progress and balance. Add those finishing touches and voila: the picture-perfect tree. 


Versatility in Holiday Beauty

• Step outside your comfort zone! A holiday tree is temporary and you can switch the decor year to year.

• Make sure your lights complement the color of your tree! Whether you opt for the traditional green or a bold color, purchasing the right color of strands is important to blend in effortlessly.
• If you plan on going with an artificial tree, invest in a good one! This seasonal staple can last for years if you purchase one of great quality.

• Fluffing and shaping branches are musts when it comes to an artificial tree. This helps your tree look fuller and more natural. Although this can be time-consuming, it’s well worth it.