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A Thoughtful Stitch

How one local maker turned a hobby into both a passion and a business

By: Jessie Monsivais  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

When it comes to a craft such as cross stitching, every single movement is done with intention. Although the final product might sometimes diverge from the original idea, there is thought behind every stitch.
Home by Harvey started about a year ago, when Brandi Harvey simply took up embroidering as a hobby. Formerly in the law field, Harvey took a rather large leap to start an Etsy shop. Her supportive husband encouraged her to pursue her passion and show the public what she had been working on behind closed doors.
“I knew I didn’t want to continue working in a law field,” says Harvey when thinking back to the origin of her new business. One could say she was always a crafty gal at heart. “I got married in December of 2007, and I was a total DIY bride. I created these original centerpieces that were large embroidered hoops that I stained and put flowers on.” With extra hoops lying around after the wedding, Brandi cross-stitched name hoops as gifts for friends and family.
The name of her brand comes from the first name hoop she ever cross-stitched: HOME. “Everyone wants to be home, and home can be a feeling,” says Harvey. And so, she set out to provide others with that feeling through her craft. 
Designs from Home by Harvey range from hoops to air plants and air plant hangers. Her inspiration and style come from mid-century modern antiques and plants. “I’m not the best at keeping plants alive,” she says with a laugh, “but I love the idea of having plants. And with air plants,” she says as she points out one of her newest pieces she has stitched to perfection, “you get to have a plant in your home that will actually stay alive.”

Her process begins with a design sketched onto a unique water-soluble fabric. “It’s very fluid. You can do whatever you feel like,” she says. “My favorite is when I don’t even draw. Nine out of ten times, I don’t stick with my original pattern. I’ll change stuff and vary.”

An added bonus to her beautiful creations is her dedication to the local community and economy. Harvey uses yarn from Yarn Texas – a locally owned supply shop – and naturally dyes it with coffee from Green Light Coffee.
Right around the same time Harvey started her Etsy shop, she met Yarn Texas owner Susan Chilcoat. “She told me my designs were really good and suggested selling some at Yarn Texas. We’re planning to start collaborating with classes sometime soon. It’s so much fun, and I want other people to do it, too.”
Since February, Home by Harvey has grown tremendously – from selling on Harvey’s Etsy page to appearing at Artwalk. Home by Harvey was included in the Thread’s Easter Giveaway, and featured in the April Poolside Market by The Art Project. Most recently, Home by Harvey was July’s featured artist of the month at local shop Wildflowers.
You can find Home by Harvey at Artwalk, the Farmers Markets, and local pop-up shops frequently. “I’d love to keep it going and do markets all over Texas – and do more than just hoops, I’d also like to do clothing eventually. Like denim jackets for the fall. If you don’t have a wall to hang a hoop on, maybe you can just wear it instead.” And with that notion, every Coastal Bend native might someday soon be able to get in on Harvey’s beautiful creations.

Find Brandi and her brand, Home by Harvey on Instagram or Etsy

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