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A Spooky Sneak Peak

A Style Q&A with Alex Chapa of Moonstone’d Pottery

Words and Photos by: Josh Maxwell


Whether it be giving tours at the Art Museum of South Texas or working on her business during the weekend, local art lover Alex Chapa is always in her bag. One thing she cannot help but indulge in is her iconic fashion sense. Drawing inspiration from both fictional and non-fictional personas, Chapa can create her own unique style. Being surrounded by art almost every day has given Chapa a creative advantage when styling her outfits. Just like any other artist, she gives extra attention to detail and craftsmanship, and it is safe to say the same rules apply to her wardrobe choices. Having an abundance of love for jewelry, playful colors, and other small accessories, Chapa makes sure she has all the tools necessary to create her most important art piece: herself.

Q:  What made you want to dress up as Wednesday Addams this year for Halloween?

A: I always try and find a character that has similar hair as I do, making the transformation easier on my end. Not to mention she is such a classic fictional character with a confident attitude that I have always been drawn to. I was able to put together her look by using items of clothing I already had in my closest instead of going out and buying needed items.

Q: Tell us about your business Moonstone’d Pottery. Does working with ceramics play a part in how you buy jewelry?

A:  Absolutely! Getting to work with my hands for a living has givinen me an even greater appreciation for handmade, functional artwork, specifically earrings. I have a very large collection of handmade earrings from a few of my favorite local businesses which include: Lavender + Lee, PhatKnits, Daze Jewelry, Rockin Jewlery, and my most recent obsession, Strawberry Moon Beads.


Q: You clearly have a love for art, film, and telivision. Do you look to these mediums for fashion inspiration?

A: I do! Some of my favorite TV shows I go to for fashion inspiration are Mad Men, That 70s Show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Twin Peaks. A variety of looks throughout the decades, but all very inspirational.

Q: What are some of your favorite fashion pieces you can’t live without?

A: A good, reliable pair of boots and statement earrings. I have also been obsessed with matching my glasses to my outfits, so I have been slowly building my collection of different styles, colors, and shapes that go well with my face and my wardrobe.


Q: Does thrifting play a huge part in your wardrobe choices?

A: Always. The fashion from the 50s through the 90s is something that has always intrigued me. There’s nothing better than going to your locally-owned antique and vintage shops and finding a gem that was once apart of someone’s life. Not to mention, being able to finish off your OOTD with a thrifted blazer, belt, or even a patterned blouse is KEY.


Q: Who’s one person, real or fiction, that you’d love to borrow clothes from?

A: The White Witch herself: Stevie Nicks. Her boho, witchy style is something that has always been so attractive to me. The flowy sleeves, the black suede pumps, a timeless velvet kimono, the list goes.


Q: With Halloween being tomorrow and the autumn season being in full swing, what are some of your fall favorites to purchase this time of year?

A: Considering how terrible 2020 has been, I immediately started shopping for Halloween décor/costume pieces as soon as September hit. Some of my recent purchases have been black lipstick, stage blood, armfuls of pumpkins, fall scented candles, pumpkin spice coffee creamer, and of course bags of candy to have throughout the house.



Q: Has working at the Art Museum of South Texas given you any style inspiration in terms of putting together your outfits?

A: Oh, one hundred percent. I absolutely love bright and bold colors, but nothing screams “me” more than an all-black outfit. That being said, when wearing black pieces of clothing, one can dress up and add color to their outfits by either adding some colorful eyeshadow/lipstick, some colorful earrings, a vintage blazer, or even a bold pair of boots, heels, or mules.