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A Pop-Up to Perk You Up

Coffee Serg brings specialty coffee drinks to a local business near you.

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

A new local business has “popped up” in town. Coffee Serg is the latest caffeinated experience that brings the coffee bar to you. Eighteen-year-old owner Sergio Espinosa had previous experience as a barista and saw coffee bring people together. Fueled by this admiration, Espinosa sought out a way to cultivate a community encompassed by coffee.

“I knew I wanted to own a coffee shop after I graduated,” says Espinosa. “I landed on the idea for a pop-up coffee cart for various reasons; the main reason being a smaller budget. Second, I love supporting local businesses. With a coffee cart, I can set up shop almost anywhere.”  

After an unfortunate layoff from his previous employment – a circumstance familiar to the challenging times of COVID-19 – Espinosa took advantage of the newfound time to research and plan for his coffee shop endeavor. 

“I found that serving quick and easy drinks out of a coffee cart works best. I make hot and iced drinks in one size, about six ounces with specialty coffee. [Coffee Serg] offers espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and non-coffee items such as chai and lavender lemonade. I also offer a special flavored coffee drink each month,” says Espinosa.  

Coffee Serg presents a simple, clean black-and-white aesthetic and a built-in espresso machine with a quick cleanup and a seamless packing job, ready to serve specialty coffee wherever you are. Month to month, Coffee Serg rotates among different local businesses. 

Regardless of the difficult circumstances brought on by the pandemic, Espinosa remains excited for the future of his business. He hopes to spread the love of #SupportLocal and pop-up in more businesses around town, while exanding his list of items for sale, from merch to bakery items. 

“COVID-19 has made it more challenging since most people are staying home, but I’ve had a lot of customers come back and tell me how much they love my drinks. As a new and young business owner, hearing positive feedback makes me feel good about myself and what I’m doing,” says Espinosa. “I am so happy with the customers that I have met, and I look forward to the new customers that will eventually find me.”