A Peregrination to Casa La Playa in Port Aransas

A Peregrination to Casa La Playa in Port Aransas

Sandy Hideaway offers a relaxing retreat along the Gulf Coast.

home in Casa La Playa in Port Aransas

photography by Jason Page

Where the rolling waves of the Gulf of Mexico meet the golden sands, a beautiful home dubbed “Sandy Hideaway” at Casa La Playa invites guests for a coastal retreat. This breathtaking getaway is a labor of love, meticulously curated by the discerning owners, Abby and Tyler.

The couple’s desire to escape the frenetic pace of daily life was the impetus behind the creation of this coastal sanctuary. Their vision was clear: A space that would not only soothe the senses but also evoke an overwhelming sense of belonging. Abby and Tyler said, “We both wanted to find a place we could go to that would allow us to relax and cut away from our normal busy lives.” That’s the dream, right? To have a place where you can shed the weight of daily life and immerse yourself in a world of tranquility.

Home in Casa La Playa in Port Aransas
Photography by Jason Page

The choice of location is a critical aspect of Sandy Hideaway’s allure. Abby and Tyler discovered Casa La Playa in July 2023, enthralled by the environment of family-friendly comfort and a strategic partnership with Grand Welcome Property Management that ensures other families can savor the delights of a well-maintained property when the couple is away.

Sandy Hideaway sits amid the Texas coast’s beauty, offering proximity to wonderful Port Aransas and resorts like Cinnamon Shore and Palmilla Beach, where dining and entertainment options abound. At the same time, it provides a serene escape from the resort fees, markups and bustling streets during the peak of golf cart traffic. Casa La Playa fosters an environment that is both family-friendly and tranquil.

Home from Casa La Playa in Port Aransas
Photography by Jason Page

The design of Sandy Hideaway is more than just aesthetics; it’s a purposeful creation that caters to families or groups seeking shared experiences and moments of solitude. The coastal getaway boasts generously sized rooms, exquisite finishes and even an electric vehicle-friendly garage.

Their design journey was a team effort, and it’s clear they have an eye for detail. The color scheme is a composition of calming blues and jewel-toned teals, creating a sense of beachfront luxury. These shades combine with natural materials like stone, wood and earthy greens to create a spa-like ambiance throughout the residence, ensuring a seamless visual and sensory experience.  

Among their cherished spaces, the open-concept kitchen, dining and living area on the first floor stands out. The communal area offers space to gather with family or curl up with your favorite book as the coastal breeze and sea salt air make residents forget their workweek stress. Throughout each floor, leading lines in the details of the wall finish attract the eye through each room.

home from Casa La Playa in Port Aransas
Photography by Jason Page

“We created the visions and interior design together. It’s one of the aspects of our relationship that we enjoy. From landscaping projects to designing homes, we have a well-balanced contribution that brings our personalities into the spaces,” said the couple. 

Furthermore, with its wooden-paneled accent wall, the third-floor main suite envelops guests in a cocoon of peace, perfectly balancing modernity with coastal charm. The gabled ceiling and vertical grooves in the accent wall make the room feel tall and inviting. Meanwhile, each room opens to a balcony, offering a gentle breeze and inviting chairs for peaceful contemplation.

From the meticulous design process to careful selection of every element, Abby and Tyler have created a seaside haven with relaxation, elegance and the joy of a beachside escape.

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