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A Look Inside the New Boutique Nursery Planted

This local nursery provides unique plants and knowledge to the Coastal Bend

By: Monique Dennis   Photos by: Lillian Reitz

Owning house plants can be beneficial for our physical and psychological health. According to local nursery owner Tina Turman, “The first thing plants do best is make us happy!”  

Turman is originally from Houston, which is where she initially decided to make the change from her long-time career in property management to “plant” management. From Houston, Turman moved to Austin, where she took the time to find herself and focus on her love for plants. Once honing in on this true passion of hers, Turman made the brave move to open her first company—traveling the city taking care of plants in various offices, commercial buildings and retail stores.

Upon recently relocating to the Coastal Bend area to be closer to her significant other, Turman dabbled in doing insurance work, before ultimately deciding the insurance life was not for her. Once again Turman turned to her love of botany, and began working on a business plan to open her very own nursery here in Corpus Christi. Planted is a boutique-style nursery now open in The Village shopping center.

With Planted, Turman wanted to bring in unique and exotic plants people of the Coastal Bend don’t typically see all the time, such as Calathea Orbifolia and Calathea/Pinstripe. She’s also set on creating a safe place for plants and plant shoppers—no matter their skill level. Turman doesn’t want to just sell you a plant, but eagerly looks forward to providing you with the information and tools needed to become a successful plant “parent.”  

Turman prides herself on inspecting all the plants being sold from her nursery to ensure she never sells a “bad” plant. Her hopes are that her customers feel great about making purchases, because she understands that plants are not always cheap and can sometimes be an intimidating commitment.

This year, Turman has plans to add Plant 101 workshops, where she will share her wealth of knowledge, such as the parts of a plant and how to care for it properly. She is also adding workshops for the nursery to partner with other local businesses that will allow the public to purchase spots for “sip and plant” activities. These workshops are great for a date night, girl’s night or even team building, and will include activities such as building terrariums or making succulent arrangements while sipping wine.

Turman is excited to continue bringing new projects and ideas to Planted. As with everything else she does, the intention and passion she puts toward the plants within her nursery and each customer walking through the doors, Turman is offering a unique nursery experience to all. 



3847 S Alameda St. | 361.238.6892  |   @planted_cctx