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A Holiday Red

The perfect wine to celebrate the holiday season.

Words by: Jinky Romero  Photos by: Brynn Osborn 

A key lesson in starting a business: tap into a market’s unfulfilled need. With a scarcity in places to get top and unique wines in Corpus Christi, this is exactly what the owners of Tannins Wine Bar and Tapas did when they first opened their doors two years ago.

While they are more than just a wine bar (they’re also home to delicious tapas and Texas beers), wine is their bread and butter. With a selection carefully picked in accordance to the owners’ taste and personalities comes a varied collection of wines—both familiar and hard to find kinds.

The atmosphere at Tannins is not what most people would expect from a wine bar. Its Tuscany ambiance is laid back and comfortable, perfect for a casual night out. Co-owner Mario Fimbres shares that this difference is definitely intentional, as they wanted to create a place where people can just relax and enjoy great food and wine.

One of their more unique and rare wines, and also one of their best-sellers, is a Perez Cruz bottle called Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2014. Its varieties include Cabernet (95%), Syrah (2%), and Carmenère (3%). The delicious deep burgundy wine is perfect for the holiday season. It’s light in the beginning and has aromas of ripe red berries. In the back end comes a kick of spice, highlighted by touches of dried fruit and vanilla, and ends with a smooth finish. The drink is best paired with their Vino Italian Meatball Slider, as it gives a spice that fits perfectly well with the wine.

If top notch wines and delicious tapas to go with them are not the definition of a perfect chill night out, we don’t what is!