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A Fresh Squeeze at Surfin’ Lemons

Surfin' Lemons serves up the perfect summer drinks

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

Nothing complements rising temperatures like a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. One of our favorite  beverages, lemonade is incredibly refreshing, thanks to the organic balance of sweet sugar and lemon tartness. This season, Surfin Lemons owner Libbie Henry introduces freshly squeezed lemonade with a fun fruit flair – for the perfect refreshment to create and share. 

“We wanted something that everyone could enjoy together on a hot summer day,” says Henry. “We found ourselves wanting an ice-cold drink on our way to the beach or on a day out in the sun, so we created something that could bring people together and cool them off at the same time!”

Libbie and her husband launched Surfin Lemons right before the pandemic hit, which obviously presented unforeseen challenges and additional obstacles to their new idea. Although some changes to the initial business model were made, Henry said the overall process was easier than anticipated.

“We were very fortunate with a lot of things falling into place for us. We luckily found the perfect trailer that crossed off all of our boxes. We had fun redecorating and remodeling it to turn it into our own, then we applied for all of the permits needed, and soon enough we were in business,” she says enthusiastically.

“When we first started, all of the beaches closed as a result of Covid, so we adjusted and attended [local] markets where we could really get in touch with our community,” Henry continues. “We love being able to go to different locations quickly and easily, with everything we need easily accessible.”

Inspired by Henry’s travels, Surfin Lemons lemonade offers unconventional lemonade flavors, including the most popular: Mango Chili Lime. Comparable to the mangonada – an icy drink originating on the streets of Mexico long before becoming an Instagram food craze – Surfin Lemons blends fresh mango, lime juice, and Tajin chili powder to create a heavenly combination of sweet, spicy, slightly tart, and salty flavors. Another spin-off of an iconic summertime favorite is Surfin Lemons’ Coconut Limeade, which blends coconut, lime, and pineapple to create a beachy bevvy inspired by the Piña Colada. 


Surfin Lemons doubles as a refreshment to look forward to and a way to embrace the sense of community with its quirky name and delicious lemonade. 

“Everyone loves a freshly squeezed lemonade – kids and adults alike. I hope people feel refreshed and a little nostalgic, as it takes them back to their days of lemonade stands in the neighborhood with all of their friends,” says Henry.

The use of fresh ingredients to create authentic and delectable flavor pairings makes Surfin Lemons lemonade one of our top picks any time of year.