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A Farmhouse Fall: Get The Look

Get inspired by this warm and cozy seasonal space.

Words by: JoAnne Howell  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

The second a quick nip in the air is felt, we become ready for fall. Soft and comfy surroundings are required to create a cozy atmosphere in the fall season. The Farmhouse feel is strong and easy to accomplish in just about any home. Just add family and friends and you have a perfect fall space. This welcome spot is ready for just that and a cup of coffee.

Liven up the entryway of your house with a few fall themed decorations! A wooden deacon’s bench is adorned with burlap pillows to start off the fall pallet. The bows on front of these pillows are to die for, and who isn’t a sucker for a cute bow? Toss in a lightweight throw, like these Turkish throws, and you’ve set the base for your welcome spot. 

Wooden trays go easy into the mix, piled high with handmade fabric pumpkins in bold patterns. These items take on a whole new bold fall outlook. Metal buckets hold blankets and any other item you may want to store, all while providing texture and height. A trio of side tables gathered together make for a great space to display pumpkins on metal stands. Add a little bit of fresh greenery for color and you have the perfect area for guests.

Farmhouse style can be simple. Just take a look around and you will probably find many decor essentials needed within arm’s reach. We all have a little Joanna Gaines in us, and even if you don’t, Thirteen & Market is here to help. They helped us pick out some items to create this perfect fall space. 

A pallet of white, black, tan, and a touch of green make for the perfect fall farmhouse look. Wood, burlap, and metal all work together to create a space filled with character and texture. Take these tips and put your own twist on them in order to have the best looking décor this fall.