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7 Coffee Drinks in the Coastal Bend to Try this Week

From cortados and cappuccinos to lattes with a spicy twist, here are some of our favorite caffeinated beverages around the Coastal Bend

Story by Tyler Schultz  Photo by Rachel Benavides

Whether you sip on one cup or buzz along all day, coffee is an essential part of many lives – definitely mine at least. With such importance, it’s essential to give credit where credit is due. With that, we’re listing out a few of our favorite caffeinated beverages throughout the Coastal Bend and where to find them. 

The Cortado – Coffee Waves 

Priding themselves on traditional drinks, Coffee Waves is a Corpus Christi staple when it comes to all things espresso. My personal favorite – a cortado. Meaning “cut with milk”, the cortado is a timeless traditional drink embodying the perfect balance of espresso, milk, and a light dollop of foam. And if you’re looking for a subtle sweetness, ask for a dash of honey – trust me. 5738 S. Alameda St.

The Ingrid Latte – Roasted Coffee Shop

With a variety of unique and flavorful options to choose from, Roasted Coffee Shop is another one of Corpus’ iconic coffee spots. When I’m looking for something well balanced with a bit of sweetness, the Ingrid Latte always hits the spot, especially iced. Made with lavender and vanilla bean, this latte is one of my all-time favorite flavored lattes in the area. 5535 Bonner Dr.

The Turkish Delight – Cafe Calypso

With a cozy and eclectic atmosphere, this is one of my favorite spots to sit back with a cup of coffee and a good read. My comfy drink of choice – the Turkish Delight. This latte, made with coconut and praline, matches the ambiance and is the perfect delicious pairing for a stress-free day of reading. 5425 S. Padre Island Dr. #185

A Cappuccino – Lucy’s Snackbar

From beer and wine to lattes and cold brew, this downtown staple has plenty to offer. Lucy’s is my go to for a classic cappuccino, made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam. The timeless classic is perfect for enjoying with a friend or while getting some work done. 312 N. Chaparral St.

Bloom’s Mayan Mocha – Bloom City Coffee

Just over the Harbor Bridge in Portland lies another Coastal Bend favorite. If you’re brave enough, Bloom’s Mayan Mocha is a sweet and spicy venture from the ordinary latte. Made with mocha and a hint of cayenne pepper, this drink is something every coffee adventurer should try. I promise it’s worth it. 1033 Hwy 131, Portland TX

A Classic Latte – Main Street Coffee House

Located in Rockport, this shop is one of my favorite spots in town. With community and books in mind, this spot has a ton of delicious espresso drinks to try. With housemade options based on favorite reads, there’s always something new to taste when you visit, or if you’re like me, a classic latte can hit the spot. Grab a friend, grab a book, and enjoy the cozy atmosphere Main Street Coffee House has to offer. 802 E. Main St, Rockport TX

Iced Dirty Chai – Barefoot Beans

If you find yourself heading to the beach, Barefoot Beans in Port Aransas is one of my favorite stops along the way. Their iced dirty chai is my drink of choice while sitting out on the swings. Made with the perfect blend of chai and espresso, this iced drink is the perfect match for the island breeze. 345 N. Allister St., Port Aransas TX