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6 Amazing Family Photos You’ve Never Heard of Till Now

See if you're missing out on these treasured photographic memories.

A wedding, a new baby, quinceaneras, graduation, business headshots or posed family photos; time to call a professional photographer.  But there are other occasions and photographic styles that are trending and oh, so rewarding.  Take a look and see if you are missing out on some treasured photographic memories.

1. The Gluttony and Glory of the CAKE SMASH

These fun-filled and hysterical birthday celebrations typically take place on or near baby’s first birthday, but any birthday is fair game, even adults!  With origins as far back as ancient Egypt, Rome, and Mexico’s La Mordida, the trend is growing strong.  And why not?  Imagine being a one year old with 12 months of, “No, no, don’t touch,” or “Don’t play with your food,” and now sitting with a whole cake, all your own, and no one to stop you from driving your little baby fist right into the middle or shoveling up a big mouthful with no hands!  After a few moments of confusion, then realization of this enormous stroke of luck, babies either dive in with gusto or gently pick, having been sufficiently trained.  Either way, it amounts to amazing photos to treasure for a lifetime.

Here at Faithful Witness Photography, these are some of the most enjoyable sessions as everyone present is witness to an adorable time with baby.  And, after all that delightful sugar play, the babies are treated to a warm and playful bubble bath to go home nice and sparkly clean.  Here are some images from some of our Cake Smash sessions:





 2. The real life, situational LIFESTYLE PORTRAIT

Whereas posed portraits certainly can be beautiful and well appreciated, more and more people are choosing Lifestyle images.  These are portraits that capture people or families doing  and behaving naturally as they would if a photographer wasn’t there.  The goal is to capture the everyday in an artistic manner.  This style is definitely trending up!  Take a look at some lifestyle images done by Faithful Witness Photography:







 3. The magical and momentous MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOT

This is a quickly passing and incredible time in a mom and her baby’s life.  Looking and feeling pregnant will be a fleeting memory for her.  As one who knows, those who don’t get photographed while pregnant regret it as a missed opportunity to capture the power and beauty of their body.  If the session includes Dad, it can be an incredible bonding time as well.  An experienced photographer can help expectant moms overcome any hesitancy with just the right outfits, poses and techniques.  It’s a time to let go of any insecurities and celebrate motherhood, her amazing body, family and babies.  Here are some beautiful and glowing moms-to-be taken by Faithful Witness Photography.



 4. The fresh, brand newness in NEWBORN PHOTOS

Traditionally, parents had portraits of their babies at 3, 6 and 12 months of age.  However portraits taken on or before day 10, so soon after they are born, will allow your family to continue to cherish and revisit those incredibly beautiful first moments as a family for years to come.  It is also a time when baby enjoys being swaddled and photos of the sleeping infant are so precious.  You must plan ahead so you don’t miss this opportunity.  That being said, don’t fret if you miss the 10 day mark; babies at any age can still take precious photos, just the style and poses may be different and baby will be more awake.  Here is some adorableness from Faithful Witness Photography with babies of different ages:







 5. The action packed, close-up capture of ATHLETIC PHOTOS

So you or your child plays softball, soccer, football,or maybe is becoming very proficient in dance, sailing or any other passion. If you’re like most, you have the posed individual photo, the team photo and some distant action shots that more than likely aren’t wow worthy.  Sporting events are great times to call in a professional.  It takes great skill, attention, and unfortunately, pricy, very specialized equipment to garner those wall worthy shots.  Not to bore you, but in simple terms you have low light, as flash isn’t allowed, and fast action.  If you know anything about photography, you know that this makes it very difficult to get sharp, well-lit images.  Here at Faithful Witness Photography we have top-of-the-line cameras and lenses that allow for a beautiful, close capture of these exciting moments.  Take a look at a few examples.


 6. The imaginative & creative COMPOSITE

What’s a composite portrait?  Well, actually you see these everywhere in advertisement.  A composite is a combination of two or more images that have been skillfully blended together with shadowing, scale and color to appear as they were captured together.  Think of it as fantasy time!  It can be an enchanting picture of your child in their favorite fictional story, with their favorite animal, a super hero, or a sports play with full-on hyperbole. Although composites are a very specialized form of photography, we pride ourselves with the skill to make these dreams come true.  It is also a favorite for charities to brighten up anyone’s day.  See below for some of Faithful Witness Photography’s composites creations.






We hope you enjoyed reading about some additional photographic possibilities for you and your family.  For more information please contact us.  We would love to work with you and achieve your vision for lifetime memories in print.

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