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5 Local Ways to Spruce. up Your Space

From plant shopping to decluttering, we're breaking down 5 ways to switch things up around the house

By: Jessie Monsivais   Photo: Jason Page (June 2018 Open House, Old-Fashioned French Flair)

Spending most of our time at home means many of our living spaces have transformed into workspaces, gyms, and common areas for Zoom chats and downtime. A dwelling that feels safe, productive, and comfortable certainly extends happiness and positive well-being during a time like this. From managing personal life and working to coping with anxiety, finances, and whatever else 2020 is bringing our way, sprucing up our home is a small but significant task to increase our well-being at home. With that in mind, here are five simple and local ideas to refresh your home.

1. Create a space just for you

Create a cozy nook for all your self-care activities by rearranging an area of your home. Find all the right elements to make this space your own. Shop for the perfect coffee mug, planter, chair or table from local vintage furniture shops such as Birchwood Beauties, Olive Blue, Oak and Vintage or Baba One Of A Kind. Complete with a good read, a soft blanket, and snacks and you’ll be thinking stir-crazy who?

2. Go green

Nothing brings a haven to life more than a potted plant. Not only do houseplants add color and life, but they are proven to promote concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and boost mood. Bay Area Nursery & Landscape, Wildflowers, BotaniCo., Turners Gardenland, Get Growing Pop Ups, or Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co., are great local plant shops to find easy-to-care-for plants. 

3. Brighten the room with color and dimension

Large area rugs create a polished look for your home by adding color and dimension, and hiding unsightly blemishes. Messinger & Green sells new and old Eurasian rugs with beautiful handmade textiles. Each rug delivers a unique connection to the special place and culture from where they’re sourced, and proceeds from their collection support worthy causes in the regions where the rugs are sourced.  

4. Design an island escape in your backyard

Beach closures don’t have to get in the way of enjoying the warm, breezy South Texas summer. The Coastal Bend is filled with endless options of coastal furnishings. My Coastal Home Furniture Store carries one of the largest in-stock selections of coastal furniture and Rockport is home to some of the best home furnishing shops to bring the seaside to your backyard. Oh My! Downtown, Bay Inspired Living, and Coastal Consignment and Resale are just a few of the small businesses fit to style a beach getaway at home. 

5. Less is more

While simplifying your home doesn’t mean a shopping spree (unless you just need that super fun basket), decluttering and organizing offers peace of mind and confidence as you witness the success during the process. Beginning in one room or area, determine permanent storage spaces for frequently used belongings, and donate the excess to charity. After all, generosity and charitable actions help foster happier and healthier communities by promoting positivity, selflessness, and improving the quality of life for those around us.