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5 Cheesy Dishes You Have to Try in Corpus Christi

How much cheese is too much? The limit does not exist.

By: Editorial Staff  Photo: Rachel Benavides

We’re firm believers in the idea that there is no such thing as too much cheese. From pasta and pizza to queso and nachos, the more cheese…the better. With our stance on cheese being made clear, we wanted to round up five of the cheesiest dishes (of all varieties) around town for your next indulgent outing. 

The McLovin’ Burger – 8TE
We’re here to say mac and cheese most certainly belongs on a burger. 8TE serves up one epic mac and cheeseburger and it definitely belongs on this list. The McLovin’ Burger comes with a hefty topping of cheesy pasta on top of a burger patty, lettuce, tomatoes, and bourbon caramelized bacon. 1220 Airline #250 

Gouda Mac & Cheese – Water Street Oyster Bar
Admittedly, this cheesy option enters the list in the form of a side, but if you’ve ever experienced this cheesy goodness, you’ll understand why it’s a must. Water Street’s gouda mac and cheese feature large shell noodles smothered in a creamy gouda sauce and topped with breadcrumbs. Order it on the side or by itself for a smaller bite! 309 N. Water Street

Grilled 3 Cheese – Surfside Sandwich Shoppe
A list of cheesy dishes wouldn’t feel right without a classic grilled cheese. So simple, yet so satisfying. The kitchen over at Surfside Sandwich Shoppe makes a pretty fantastic one. With American, Jack, and Swiss all melted together within two slices of Texas Toast and the addition of ham, you’ve got yourself a rather ideal sandwich. 15113 SPID

Enchiladas Tex Mex – YOLA cocina mexicana
When it comes to enchiladas, sometimes, the cheesier the better. The kitchen over at YOLA cocina mexicana takes this notion to heart when it comes to their Enchiladas Tex Mex. This dish features both cheddar and American cheese, paired with a delicious ground beef sauce to create a mouthwatering lunch or dinner option. 3818 S Alameda

Lamb Dunk – Black Sheep Bistro
This local, Island favorite always whips up plates you’ll never forget and a favorite among guests is this appetizer. The Lamb Dunk is a rich and savory fondue made with fresh manchego, Monterey Jack, and sharp cheddar served with seared New Zealand lamb chops, roasted butternut squash, and broccoli florets. 15201 SPID