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5 Best: Local Podcast

The righteous rise in podcast culture

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

There’s something so righteous about the come-up of podcast culture. It’s a habitual part of our driving, commuting, jogging, studying or housework — the part to look forward to. But it’s also an entertaining tool for learning and personal growth, as well as an opportunity to become part of open conversations about real life ideas. Portable entertainment that you can tune into anytime from anywhere lines up with today’s go-getter pace, and with the variety of podcasts updating regularly, we’re ready to go and get it. Listen up, locals. Here’s what’s on the air.

Sew Taco
She sews, he eats tacos, and they both teem with creativity. Gerald and Elena Flores run Sew Bonita and Taco Gear. The “power couple” also dishes out all that goes into running their successful brands by sharing stories, memories, challenges and sometimes, anything that comes to mind. They put out a new episode every week. You can listen for free on Spotify, iTunes, or your favorite podcast app.

Beer and a Movie
In a time when both really good movies and reallybrgood beers are constantly coming out, it only makes sense to pair the two.brWith the help of a couple select craft  beers, Joe Hilliard, Ethan Thompson,brDavid Gurney, and Carlos Cooper take turns discussing lm favorites andbrnew releases. Film critics and good sips are what you’re in store for with thisbrpodcast. Tune in on Spotify, Player FM, or iTunes to hear it all. Fair warning,brspoilers are involved! 

The Pencil Skirt Society
This podcast is all about women. Female entrepreneurs share struggles, advice, fears, and successes in starting or maintaining their own business or brand. The Pencil Skirt Society is a weekly podcast that can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or any of your favorite listening apps.

Revolve One Podcast
Siblings Rudy and Crystal Garcia seek to “enrich and engage” in collaboration with their listeners. Aside from covering a wide range of topics and marginalized issues, the two spotlight Corpus Christi happenings and invite members of the community to get involved on the show. To listen in on conversations about social and cultural perspectives, find Revolve One on iTunes and Stitcher radio.

Life’s a Mother
Three sisters, who are also moms, talk about the whirlwind of motherhood and all that’s thrown in between. South Texas natives, Jennifer, Michelle and Aubrey unwind by sharing their stories together over a glass of wine. The podcast is bi-weekly (if babies will allow it) and able to be streamed on their website and iTunes for free.