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5 Best Horchatas

Go-to places to indulge in the 'Drink of the Gods'

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

Commonly referred to as the “drink of the gods,” horchata is an unsurprisingly popular drink full of health benefits—rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins C and E, and helpful for relieving an upset stomach as it’s free from lactose, casein, and gluten. Originating in Valencia, Spain, horchata is made from rice that has been ground, pulverized, strained, and sweetened. Everywhere this original alt-milk is served, you’re sure to find a particular unique flourish. From traditional homemade recipes to coffee blends, here’s a taste of some of the different horchata options available around town.

El Jalisco Grill

Dive into a delicious experience at El Jalisco Grill, where the extensive menu offers options for everyone in the family. Enjoy one of many hearty Mexican dishes that pair excellently with its refreshing homemade horchata. 

1813 Ennis Joslin Rd #113

Wired Coffee Co.

This corner coffee shop, known for “shockingly good coffee,” offers a stimulating spin on the adopted horchata-based coffee taste. Especially delightful during warmer months, Wired Coffee Co.’s Horchata Frappe brilliantly blends a creamy latte with cinnamon-sweetness to perfection. 

6133 Ennis Joslin Rd Unit 103

The Trade Center

Many Coastal Bend residents consider The Trade Center the end-all, be-all for authentic Mexican finds. Many locals find themselves at the center on the weekends—not just for the scratch-made gorditas, but for the plethora of homemade horchata options throughout. 

2833 S Padre Island Dr

Bien Mérité

Bien Mérité’s take on the classic horchata delivers an extra-yummy twist with all of the comforting spices of chai. The Horchata Chai pairs brown sugar and cinnamon with chai spice, making it a tasty concoction hot or iced.

1336 S Staples St

La Palma

Breakfast tacos and homemade horchata are the best things to spice up your morning at La Palma. Located near Whitecap Beach, this budget-friendly eatery packs delicious food and even better horchata, making it an ideal spot to hit up on the way to the waves.

15326 S Padre Island Dr