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5 Best Dog Parks

The 5 best dog parks in the Coastal Bend Region

By: Kylie Cooper  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

Getting outdoors and spending quality time with our beloved pets is one of life’s simple joys. Whether your home is lacking a sufficient outdoor area or you’re looking to switch up the scenery, taking a field trip to a dog park is a great way to help your pup get some wiggles out and meet new friends. From the newest dog park opening soon to a doggie daycare with an epic playground, here are a few spots your pup is sure to love. 

Kaiah Dog Park

Open sunup to sundown, this dog park located in Portland is a definite must-visit. Kaiah Dog Park is an off-leash park offering a great stretch of land for dogs and owners to bond, run around, and meet other local dog lovers. The fenced-in park features a separate area for big and small dogs, and has various agility equipment options for your furry friends to play on.

100 Moore Ave. 

Rockport Bark Park

At this local dog park, you and your four-legged friends are surrounded by beautiful vegetation and a wide open space. Fenced and filled with picnic tables, this park also features a watering station, a pond, and plenty of shade. A portion of the park is filled with sand, so keep that in mind when visiting.

Memorial Park, Rockport

Vishal Bhagat Dog Park

This park is significantly smaller than the others listed here, but it still has its perks! The well-kept area features two separate spaces for both big and small pups, each completely fenced in. The park has an Astroturf area, watering stations, and supplies to clean up after your animal. Located along Shoreline in Downtown Corpus Christi, this park’s views of the bay are hard to beat. 

602 Shoreline Blvd.

Barkaritaville Pet Resort

While this option includes dropping your pup off for Doggie Daycare, it’s still an excellent option for getting wiggles out. Designed with the health and safety of your dog in mind, Barkaritaville offers playgroups carefully formed by assessing size, temperament, and playstyle to help your animal expend energy and socialize in its spacious outdoor dog park!

6617 Jefferson St. 

Riley P. Dog Park

A new addition to the local canine community, Riley P. Dog Park will open its gates soon. Overlooking the water, situated next door to Padre Island Yacht Club, this new off-leash park for all dog lovers is a community project, in partnership with the City of Corpus Christi. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on volunteer opportunities and their official open information.

13445 Whitecap Blvd.