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2 Must Read Books to Take Your Business to The Next Level

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Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build An Unshakable Company

Written by Kevin Oakes
Reviewed by Stephen Rybak Principal/CCO, MDR Advertising

18 actions. That’s what got me turning the pages of this book. Because brour entire business is built around bractions.

Intel CEO Andy Grove said it best: “Success breeds complacency and complacency breeds failure.” This and brthe chapter that described how constant brchange can improve productivity is something I can’t stop thinking about. I also enjoyed the section that encouraged emacing next practices rather than best practices.

Overall, it was the detailed examples of wins and failures among some well-known organizations that really drew me in–many times thinking to myself “that’s us” or “we should be doing that!”

Actions speak louder than words is such a cliché statement, but it’s so incredibly accurate. A lot of people think marketing agencies sit around and come up with good ideas all day. Don’t get me wrong, we come up with some great ideas. But they are always driven by research, strategy and they have an action plan to move them forward. And so does this book.

For anyone looking to shake things up a bit without losing who they are as a company, this book is for you.

Accidental Superpower and Absent Superpower

Written by Peter Zeihan
Reviewed by Iain Vasey, President/CEO, Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation
When you read my favorite geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan, you will become a data junkie like the best of us, ready to nerd out at the next cocktail party about the impact of demographics on a nation’s national defense or even the effect of navigable rivers on America’s capacity for greatness.

The most recent analyses focus on the emergence of new energy sources, what it means for older sources, how some countries’ demographics will cause their economies to implode, and usefully for us, how we can build our labor markets to compete.

If you don’t feel like reading his books, at least follow his podcasts which he updates regularly. We have worked with Peter as a consultant to Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation, and I cannot fault his demographic and economic breakdowns. He’s funny, irreverent brand loves poking fun at politicians and policies of all stripes.

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